Most traditional art classes & workshops teach you to create art from what you see ... however Donna will help you create art that comes from the IMAGINATION rather than from vision - to paint what is in the mind rather than what is in the eye. Donna claims to be a disciple of the Succession Movement - a group of late C19th artists that challenged the art thinking of their day. They were concerned with exploring the possibilities of art outside the confines of academic tradition and to create a new style that owed nothing to historic influence.

Join Donna in her home studio, with all your materials provided, enjoy morning tea and a lovely home cooked vegetarian lunch and most importantly spend all day painting & talking to Donna about ART, LIFE & IMAGINATION!


Yesterday was magic...thanks so much. We are very stimulated and Paul was up drawing pictures this morning!!!

Hope to see you again next year. Best wishes, Katina (November 2015)

Hi Donna,

I have been meaning to email this note to you all day and I have just got a chance to do it.  I just wanted to say “thank you” for the best day, I had such a good time  and shared with nice people what else could you ask for in life.  It was really good fun as well as learning lots of things in a beautiful place.

Thank you Donna, I would like to come another time and try again now with the skills that I have learned from this lesson.

Kind Regards, Lorraine (November 2015)

Hi Donna,

We SOOO enjoyed ourselves yesterday in your amazing class. You are so gifted, and so unselfish in the way you kindly impart your knowledge and skills to others. You are a treasure. Thank you for sending on the photos, a great reminder of the day !

Thank Bob for the wonderful food.

Love Colleen XX (APRIL 2014)

Hi Donna,

Thanks for a really great day.  We were both on a high when we left your place!!

I am off to our local art shop today to buy some paints to get started on another painting. (I'm now inspired again after a year of no painting).

I am now on holiday for three weeks so I have plenty of time to get started!

Thanks again for a lovely day, Cheers Susie xx (September 2014)

Hi Donna,

I really loved the workshop and feel I could do it every month and still learn something new. I have mentioned it to many of my friends and recommended they look into it! I might even organise a group of us to come do another workshop with you next year.

The week after I attended the workshop I went shopping for some paint, materials etc and temporarily set up my garage as a painting studio, so I can do it whenever I feel inspired. I spent a whole weekend painting one weekend! I'm addicted.

I'm still working on Eric the echidna and I have a few other paintings in progress also.

Thanks again! I feel very lucky to have meet you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! All the best! Zoë (JUNE 2013)

Hi Donna,

A BIG thank you to you and Bob for a great day.  Your philosophies on life are truly inspirational!!  You and the Workshop are a wonderful tonic.  More enjoyable and cheaper than any Therapy Session?!.  Although I am a bit concerned as to what Freud would say about my painting? I have started work on getting another group together already as I would really love to do another Workshop with you.  Again many many thanks. Kind regards Felicity. (March 2013)

Hi Donna

OMG what a fantastic weekend!

I really enjoyed the workshop and the day so much. Thank you for your hospitality, you and your family are amazing and a huge inspiration :-)

I noticed a lot of comments about "this is the best class I have been to" and I have to say I agree.  I think the concept around introducing your personal history of your transition into becoming and artist, your scope on life and your individual teaching format was beyond incredible and I cannot describe the feeling you take away from the day except that everything I look at since I left your house is in a different perspective from life- shape- colour - totally driving my family mad already with "look at that" and "what do you see " , "we need to move house" ha.

I also really admire your business model not many people get to live and work so seamlessly and so diversely. Jo and I both left feeling we had a little more creative mojo flowing in our veins ! Looking forward to catching up again in the future. Cheers larissa X  (November 2012)

Thanks so much Donna. You're fabulous!

I can't stop raving to anyone who will listen about the workshop (& you and Bob). I've been trying to unblock myself creatively for so long, and I've been scared to start working on things incase I make a mistake. Yesterday I took my daughter on an expedition to find all sorts of things and I started a painting. I really can't thank you enough.

The reason it was so great was your skill and the way you presented the information. I liked the way you let us take whatever direction we wanted and gave guidance when we asked for it. And...I love your paintings and your willingness to share your techniques!

Thanks so much for your encouragement! I have so much more confidence.

Margo xx  (October 2012)

Hi Donna,

We had a wonderful time at your workshop, and it has inspired both of us. Jill, as it is her first attempt at painting - other than folk art; loved the way you incorporated and used all the colours of the rainbow and how your Art instilled a sense of happiness, which I am sure was felt by all. I have also been opened to the amazing possibilities available to us by the different techniques you use and how we can develop these skills to use in our own Art.  We want to thank you both for the day, as the lunch that Bob served us was also part of the wonderful experience.

Cheers, Pauline  (September 2012)

Hello Donna,

Thankyou for a really enjoyable day last Sunday.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the unique approach you have developed to your art .

It was great to have the day at your home with its bright and cheerful decor, not forgetting the delicious lunch cooked up by Bob.

Many thanks to you both.

xMarie (March 2013)

Hi Donna,

Just wanted to let you know, I had the best time on Sunday.

It was really lovely meeting you and Bob and the others, being at your home and of course learning so much. Thanks again for your energy - you are really a wonderful artist an also a wonderful person - sharing your talent and love of life! (you do really live out everything that you told us about yourself)

Thanks again, Mim (November 2011)

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