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Donna Sharam’s paintings explode with colour and joyful images. Inspired by a combination of her vivid imagination and observation of the natural world around her, they directly reflect her zest for life.

Her use of gestural brushstrokes, spontaneous mark making, emotive colours and action painting techniques create works that are highly individual in execution and style.

While Donna’s work is not confined to any single school of painting her images are reminiscent of fauvist expressionism, known for its use of luminous, pure colours and bold, distinctive brushwork.

Donna paints from her imagination and from the heart. The overwhelming sentiment in her art is joy and love of life. Her hope is that when buying or viewing her work this feeling is transferred to you and your environment.

Her original works are only available here. Enjoy perusing the website, I’m sure you will find something that resonates with you. Commissions are also accepted.