Azzurra - Book 1


    The Dragons of Plenshia: Book One

    Written by Mel Dee Dzelde / Art By Donna Sharam


    Like all five-year old's, Melody couldn't wait to start school.

    She daydreamed about her teacher, who she knew would be the best teacher in the world!

    She imagined all the fun adventures she would have there with her best friend, Bree.

    Before her big first day at school arrived, however, Melody got cancer and her body became weak.

    On her birthday, Melody blew out her candles, and silently asked for something BIG and MAGICAL.

    What could Melody's wish be?

    And will it come true?


    41 glossy pages with 14 beautiful illustrations 

    This book is recommended for everyone of all ages: 3 to 103 


    "Azzurra" is the first book in a series of books that I'm hoping will encourage children to find their inner strength and rely on it to heal themselves no matter what they face in life.